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No-Needle Dermal Filler Technique

Dr. Niedbalski _ Cannula Needle-less dermal fillerThe needle-less filler injection using flexible cannulas is the one of the most important changes in the world of dermal fillers. Introduced in Europe a few years ago, this technique is gaining popularity with aesthetic physicians around the world because it causes much less tissue trauma so there is a significant reduction in bruising and pain from filler injections using standard needles.

The cannula is flexible and has a blunt tip with a side-hole for filler extrusion.
What are the advantages of using a cannula to inject facial fillers when compared to needles?


  • Safety – the blunt tip of cannula prevents intra-arterial injection, the most serious complication from injecting fillers using needles
  • Dr. Niedbalski _ Cannula Needle-less dermal fillerComfort – patients undergoing cannula injection experience much less discomfort
  • Recovery – the social downtime from bruising and swelling is practically eliminated
  • Value – fillers can be administered with greater precision so the results are more natural and less product is needed to treat most areas.
  • Flexibility – cannulas allow access to virtually any area of the facial anatomy for improvement with fillers. Previously hard to treat areas such as vertical lip lines, hollow cheeks and temples (to name a few) are easily corrected using this technique.

Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, Radiesse and Restylane, fill in wrinkles and stimulate the body to produce new collagen.  It’s a safe and natural way to rejuvenate the face for younger looking skin. The results often last for up to a year or longer.

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